NETWORKING Network design
Cabling and Networking

Home Wireless network
Network Services

Enterprise Solutions 
HotSpots for Hotels 
Guest Network & VLAN's

Datacenter administration
Virtual Datacenter
Server Virtualization
Desktop Virtualization
Hibrid Virtual Hosting
Secure Virtual Hosting

Phisycal Server Setup
Virtual Infrastructure
Active Directory
Inventory System Implementation
Virtual Office
Virtual Desktop
Virtual File Server

 CCTV & Security

IT Security (Vulnerabilities analysis and fix)
CCTV with Phone viewer option
Voice Over IP
Hosted Cisco CAll Manager
Star2Star VoIP implementation
Avaya Hosted IP Office


Managed HostingExchange
Website Design
Website Hosting
Project Management
Backup & Storage
Backup and restore files
Monitoring Services
Network Monitoring
Server Monitoring
Disaster Recovery

Remote Control
Software Setup Help
Ticket Tracking
Managed IT Support
Service Level Agreement
Inventory System Implementation